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Product Information

What is the Smollie Strap, and how does it work?

The Smollie Strap is an innovative skateboarding training tool designed to help skateboarders learn new tricks faster and with more confidence. It’s an elastic band that attaches around the trucks of the skateboard and spans over the top of your feet, securing your feet to the board. This setup allows for natural foot movements while ensuring the board stays attached during aerial maneuvers, facilitating easier practice and mastery of tricks.

How to connect your Smollie to your Skateboard?

Watch And Learn

Step 1: Lay your skateboard upside down, with the wheels facing up.

Step 2: Take one of the loops of the Smollie with one hand, and use your other hand to slide the fabric sleeve down to reveal the full loop.

Place the loop around the truck, grip-side down (silicon grip beads are used to keep the Smollie in place) then cinch it up to keep it in place.

Repeat these steps for the other truck.

Slide the Smollie over the nose and tail - and get ripping!

Can you bail?

Yes, you can absolutely bail safely while riding with the Smollie Strap. The strap is designed to be less of a binding and more like an anti-gravity assist. It is tot enough to help keep the board under your feet but loose enough that you can quickly kick out or step away from the board if needed. This design allows skateboarders to maintain the ability to bail out of a trick to avoid injury, similar to skateboarding without the strap. The flexibility and secure yet detachable nature of the Smollie Strap mean that safety and control are always in the hands of the skateboarder.

Is the Smollie Strap compatible with all skateboards?

The Smollie Strap is designed to fit a wide range of skateboard sizes and types, ensuring a snug and secure fit around the trucks. However, for the best experience, we recommend checking the compatibility specifications on our product details page or contacting us if you have a specific board in question.

Will using the Smollie Strap create bad habits or dependency?

No, the Smollie Strap is designed to enhance the learning process without creating dependency. It allows for the full range of foot movement essential for skateboarding tricks. The goal is to use the strap as a training tool to build confidence and muscle memory. Once these are achieved, skateboarders can perform tricks without the strap.

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